Singer, Dancer, Scriptwriter, Choreographer, Director, Fitness Trainer, Actor, Life-Coach

Singer, Dancer, Scriptwriter, Choreographer, Director, Fitness Trainer, Actor, Life-Coach

Ashi, the Choreographer

At the tender age of 7, Ashi rigorously and assiduously trained in Kuchipudi. In 1980, the multi-talented young girl got the honour to be “A PRESIDENT’S GUIDE".  After completing her matriculation she was offered job of a dance teacher in her own school during summer holidays of 1981 and since then she’s never looked back. Throughout Graduation, Postgrad and B.Ed, she kept training all age groups in dancing, singing, acting and also successfully directing scores of ballets, plays, and variety entertainment programmes.

Classical vocal as a subject in Graduation and B.Ed helped her hone singing skills. She completed Arangetram in 2000, and kept learning different dance forms to polish her choreography skills. In 2006, she travelled all over Canada with Harpal Tiwana’s theater group, worked at Asian Academy of Film and Television from 2001-2003 and Anupam Kher’s Acting Institute in Chandigarh as Dance Instructor in 2007. She has designed, choreographed, and directed Fashion Shows, as well as Sound and Light Shows. She conceptualises her own scripts, dialogues and poetry. She is trained in Yoga and Personal Gym Training and continues to dance, sing, act, pursue fitness and inspire.

Ashi's Views on Performing Arts

Art is a tool to bring out the best possible results in any task you undertake which springs forth only at the peak of concentration. Indulging in performing arts enhances the power of concentration, refines one’s personality, and boosts confidence.

Why Ashi's Workshops?

Essential education which has a profound and lasting impact on one’s life is completed in a matter of moments. That’s why Ashi insists on short capsules of 2 hours each, imparting maximum knowledge in shortest possible time.