Happy New Year 2018!!!

2017 has gone. We are almost into 2018. In 2016 we had ushered in the new year with best wishes from nears and dears. We were very upbeat and excited, visualizing 2017 as a perfect year wherein our problems will be solved, luck will favour us, things will look up; something like, “God will be in heaven and every thing will be right with us.”

Well, 2017 came, and is already gone. And it was pretty much the same like previous years. So what’s new about 2018? Aren’t we heading towards the same package of situations, some happy, some sad? Won’t we face turmoil’s and smooth-rides, ups and downs, good and bad, pain and joy? Of course we will! Where is the doubt? So what is there to look forward to?

My dears, let’s step into new year with some new strengths. More love, more patience, more grit, more will-power, more magnanimity. Let’s be much more than we already are. Let’s arrive in 2018 with an all-inclusive mind. Let’s be serving, humble, forgiving, easygoing, and joyous. Then the new year will be cool, happening, thrilling, and successful in every way.