Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye..... But Healthy!

Janice was fond of baking from a very young age. That is why she opted for Home Science in school. Athletic, fitness-lover, sports-oriented, she was a champion at athletics - 100 meters and long jump in particular.  The Calcutta girl later got married to a food-lover and luckily for her, a passionate cook. While Janice’s heart lies in patisserie, David, her husband indulges in Asian cooking. 

After spending a number of years in the corporate sector in large multinational companies, Janice is finally back to her first love :- baking.  As soon as her corporate stint was over, off she went to join International Institute of Culinary Arts in Hauz Khas, Delhi. The enthusiast that she was, however, left her craving for more.  Eventually she set out for Kaula Lampur, Malaysia where she joined Academy of Pastry Arts to delve into richer study material and professional chocolate making. 

After coming back from Malaysia, she immediately got to work churning out the mouth-watering delicacies she had learned.  What she had learnt though was only being made in 5 star hotels and sourcing some of the ingredients posed a challenge. Since playing with recipes came naturally to her, Janice started her business nevertheless, mixing and matching. Slowly she won many admirers and fans who vouched for her delectable goodies. Meanwhile the ingredients started to become available and Janice started taking orders for festivals and special occasions.  

Janice’s own sweet tooth and love for fitness forced her to innovate sugar-free recipes under her healthy range of products. The challenge was to marry fitness with sweet-cravings. Out went the sugar and in came dates, honey, stevia, coconut sugar, almond flour and other healthy replacements. She makes healthy cakes having no butter or fat.  She uses almond flour instead of maida and no essences (only pure extracts).   

Her USP is making products of the highest quality, having no preservatives and additives while not compromising on the taste.  Her nutrition bars and protein bites contain healthy ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, homemade almond butter, cocoa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Nutrition bars sold in the market primarily contain fillers like rice/soya crisps, rolled oats, brown rice, millets, etc, and are sweetened with sugar and fructooligosaccharides.  They also contain substances like sunflower oil, emulsifiers like sunflower and soya lecithin, raising agents like sodium bicarbonate, flavourings and gum arabic to increase shelf life.  Janice’s Nutrition Bars have none of these ingredients.  That’s why she calls them ‘Goodness Bars.’ 

Janice’s greatest attribute is her passion for her craft and the importance she gives to quality and therefore, she has not succumbed to money making tactics. Her products are value for money. So fitness lovers, health conscious and quality driven consumers should definitely taste her products. Janice operates from Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram and her company’s name is ‘Oh Goodness !’