The first school of a child is home and the first teachers are his/her parents. Every child is born with a set of talents and skills. These are God-gifted and it is the responsibility of all parents and teachers, to nurture and encourage these talents at all costs.

The singing talent of a child is sometimes visible at a very tender age, but sometimes it manifests much later also. It is very important that parents and teachers show sensitivity to a child’s talent and lend support in polishing it in every possible way.
If a child owns a melodious throat, it is imperative to get his voice tested by a music teacher and put him under training. God does not bestow this gift on everyone, and hence this blessing ought to be respected.

The practicing and understanding of the seven notes of the octave in all its myriad forms is a pleasure under a dedicated Guru. A kid may not be keen on learning classical music, but the parents should not ignore the need and gently prod their ward to excel. It may not be a career option, but rest assured, a short course in classical singing can go a long way in making anyone a star in his/her own right. Who doesn’t want their child to be an admired one, a sought after, a praise-attracting performer?