Papa - Mummy

Mr. Gopichand Panjwani

Mr. Jaisinh Chavan

Mrs. Mrudula Gaikwad

Mrs. Saroj Dhingra

Mr. Ravi Rastogi

Guroor Brahma, Guroor Vishnu, Guroor Deva Maheshwara, Guroor Saakshaat Parbrahma, Tasmyei Shriguruvey Namaha

Every child's first gurus are his/her parents. I was lucky that my father was a versatile singer and became my first music guru. He used to play harmonium with a flourish. My mom was an actor during her college days and so was my grandfather. My grandmother was a singer too and that is why there was no dearth of encouragement for me to pursue performing arts in right earnest.

Subsequently, I was blessed with more gurus from various fields who impacted and enriched my knowledge and professional training....

  • YOGA GURU : Civil Engineer by profession, and yoga teacher by passion, Mr. Gopichand Panjwani was a unique teacher. His understanding of the nuances of “Bihar School of Yoga” style was admirable.
  • LATIN AMERICAN GURU : Mr. Jaisinh Chavan, steeped in Latin-American and Ballroom, talked, slept, ate, dance. Amazing!
  • KUCHIPUDI & BHARATNATYAM GURU : My journey of classical dance started with learning Kuchipudi from Mrs. Swamy in early 70's and culminated in "Arangetram" in Bharatnatyam under the loving guidance of a young and vibrant Ms Mrudula Gaikawad in Pune in 2000.
  • BHARATNATYAM GURU : Between Ms Swamy and Ms Mrudula, I chanced upon Mrs.Saroj Dhingra in Allahabad. An examiner of Bharatnatyam in Prayag Sangeet Samiti, she brought me back into form with intense practice of Adhavus.
  • WESTERN DANCE GURU : Ravi Rastogi, Broadway trained, taught me to change my body language at will, from classical to western. Started out as my student and went on to become my instructor. Remarkable!