De-stressing and rejuvenating, Ashi’s Acting Workshop gives your talent a different kind of prowess and edge.

Whether it is an aspirant looking for a career in acting or just anybody wanting to derive pleasure from emoting, Ashi’s Acting Workshop takes you on a journey of moods. Laughing, weeping, fighting, bullying, being shy or mischievous all in a matter of 2 hours, is like being part of a movie or play, but with no strings attached. For acting wannabes, this could be a deciding factor before joining a formal acting school. For the rest, who want to get the feel of acting, this is a good start. After all, it is not everyday that you get to play a beggar and a king in a short span of time.

Becoming somebody which you are not, in itself is fun, also leading to boosting of confidence, refining personality, improving diction, developing emotions one is lacking in, activating both mind and the body. It teaches us to keep emotions in check, helps correct intonations and pitch while talking in different circumstances and makes us aware of incorrect body language. A good actor is a master of a well-rounded personality and that is exactly what this workshop aims at providing its students.

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