The Stayfit Workshop

FAT TO FIT:- Ashi’s personal journey of weighing 75 kgs and slowly bringing it down to 55 kgs was an arduous one. The struggle taught her never to compromise on health. She believes that all human beings can be healthy, provided they look after their body and treat it like a temple. One could be blessed with any kind of physical features, but obesity definitely takes away the charm from a personality. Nobody takes fat people seriously and they either become butt of jokes or are pitied at. Just like one cap cannot fit every head, similarly one fitness schedule cannot suit everyone. Body-type, occupation, residency, culture, fitness-level, all come together to determine solutions to fitness problems. However, Ashi's personal fight with obesity and other health problems has taught her few things which fit everyone.

The Stay Fit Workshop gives out of box ideas to remain fit and always feel on top of the world. This workshop bursts myths, clears doubts and bring you a personalized program best suited for every student. It does not talk about shortcuts, but teaches you in a fun filled way as to how to cut the flab and enjoy doing so. Yoga, meditation and physical exercise can be combined to achieve balanced health. Personal gym trainer, Fitness Dancer, Yoga and Meditation practitioner, Ashi will share with you her fitness fundas. It takes very little to stay alive and kicking. Try it!

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