Sridevi……My Dance Teacher

Sridevi was always a delight to watch onscreen. The Bollywood Queen of eighties, she was a dance teacher to all amateur wannabe dancers. Those non-internet days were tough. One could watch her dance in a movie theatre and later on in a Chitrahaar maybe.

Her expressions, steps, grace, flexibility, sent us in raptures. I must have done dozens of Sridevi dances for various shows and dance competitions. Infact there were so many of her songs which I sang at so many functions.

As a budding dancer, I learnt a lot from her. But one thing which elevated my dancing to a new level was her expressions I imbibed. All the nine moods called Nav-Rasas were child’s play for her. Shringar Rasa in the Chandni dream sequence, Raudra rasa in “Main teri dushman”Nagina, Hasya rasa in Hawa Hawai, to name a few.

Her passing away is like passing away of one of my gurus. Her collection of hit songs will forever remain like an important reference  book for aspiring dancers. Her Bollywood guru, Saroj Khan who gave her tantalizing steps movie after movie also deserves a special mention. I can imagine how bereaved she must be feeling.

RIP Sridevi, all your students like me are going to miss u. Her last dance in the movie English Vinglish amply portrays Sridevi’s personality……”Chandraachi Chandraachi ga”…….she was like an “Apsara”.