Meet Mrs. Kanwaljit Bains, wife of a retired army officer, 68+, 2nd runner up in recently concluded, Mrs India Punjab, in the 60 and above category! I consider it as a huge feat.

 A dignified lady, a grandmom, mother of a pilot son, she took part in the pageant to learn something new. Yes, she is an avid learner and all excited and curious to explore unchartered areas. Her health regime can put any youngster to shame. Yoga, gymming, and aerobics are her regular forms of exercise.

As a co-contestant, I was magnetically drawn towards her calm composure. She was a picture of cool serenity amongst the restless younger crowd. I used to think that I was one hell of an outgoing woman at 53, but after meeting Mrs Bains……..well…….I feel like a dwarf compared to her spirit.

Dear friends, I’m in awe of this lady and I proudly present her to you. May this story inspire all those who think that age is just a number but never do anything to demonstrate that. Long live Mrs Bains!!!