How to Meditate

The most asked question in the world today seems to be, “How do I meditate?” I have been meditating for many years now. Many people pose this question to me and I feel very happy assisting them. I understand their problem because of the remembrance of my baby steps towards meditation. I am indebted to my teachers who made meditation easy for me to practice.

The first question which you need to ask yourself sincerely is, “Why do I need to meditate?” Lot of people think that meditation will bring peace of mind. And with the kind of world we live in, who doesn’t need peace of mind? Let’s simplify the phrase “peace of mind” into one word, that is, “relaxation”.

Relaxing one’s mind is the first step towards finding solution to all problems and doing one’s best. So I would suggest that you start with using meditation as a relaxation technique first and then go on to other practices. The moment you close your eyes, every thought you were wanting to put at rest will come rushing in. Your mind will spin so many thoughts per second that instead of being relaxed, you will feel stressed out. So it is advisable to start with breath-counting first. Anulom vilom pranayama is the best form of breathing exercise for initiation into meditation. But this should be learnt under the guidance of a teacher.

The best way to start meditation on your own is to first find a quite spot in your home to settle down peacefully. Sit comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes. Watch your inhalations and exhalations. Start counting inhaling and exhaling once as one. Count till twenty. Repeat it any number of times in a day. For best results, do this on an empty stomach. This might not look or feel like meditation and would sound too simplistic. But believe me, this is the first step. There’s no other way. So start today, and feel relaxation seeping through your body. In my future blogs I will explain in little more detail as to how to take it further. Till then, breathe, relax and be happy!