Jeeney Ki Ada

A wise saying….”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift”.  Nobody epitomizes this saying better than my mother. She lives in today, embracing every person and circumstance which destiny brings her way. I seldom see her saddened or troubled by anything. She has very cleverly detached herself from her body, loved ones, and everything happening around her. This might sound difficult to achieve, but all it needs is disciplining the mind. We have to decide whether the mind is our master or are we the mind’s masters. This needs to be looked into, by being constantly aware of our thoughts and emotions.

Stress, sadness, hatred, anger are some of the negative emotions which are healthy as long as we use them for a controlled outlet. But the moment we drown in them, they start to raise their ugly heads in our body in the form of diseases.

My mother knows this and has drummed this wisdom into me. I cannot thank God enough for giving me a parent like her, who has taught me how to get tough when things become difficult. She is the one who has taught me…….Jeeney kiada!