You are currently viewing THE SECOND YEAR OF COVID


2020 marked the advent of the Corona pandemic. 2021 is carrying forward it’s onslaught. Health wise, we have learnt quite a lot and are equipped with detailed knowledge of the importance of being diseases free.

Coronavirus is proving fatal for the weak, infirm and those suffering from lifestyle diseases. It has been proven yet again that being lazy about one’s health could be dangerous. Everyone who had taken diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure or heart disease in their stride are shaken up. Popping pills everyday and considering one’s self safe is no longer relevant. That special population is at risk and one has to run for cover.

Corona pandemic is a warning call for lazy bones and shammers to stop procrastination with immediate effect. If the body is not strong or healthy enough to fight the disease, the Covid dinasour might devour you. Better late than never. EXCERCISE!!!


I am 56 yrs old performing artist/trainer, Author and Life-Skills Coach. I am a postgraduate in English and a B.Ed. I help people transform their mindset to realize their full potential, be it Performing Arts or Life-Skills.

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