Ashi Parashar has recently turned author with the publishing of her very first book on marriage. The book has a collection of 14 true stories pertaining to marriage and is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Publishers’ site. The book is getting rave reviews as the subject has a wide base of interest. Married, unmarried, widows, divorcees, everyone is lapping up the book.

The author of the book has just one desire in her heart— to help families bond lovingly through matrimonial alliances and live joyful, empowered, value-rich lives. She has a huge reservoir of information about successful as well as unsuccessful marriages. Keeping privacies intact, she has woven the information into fourteen relatable stories with a lesson attached so that the readers connect to and learn from them. The stories will help readers critically analyse the ingredients that go into making of ‘happy’ and ‘not so happy’ marriages!

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Vivek Davar (Author's friend and a retired colonel)

I have known Ashi since she came as a young, petite Neeraj's bride in our house. I think Neeraj has done something very good in his previous births that she was bestowed upon him. She has been the power behind Neeraj's successes. Ashi has a knack of creating success in whatever she does, including her marriage. I hope her book shows the way ahead to some unsuccessful marriages. I wish her success and greater glory."

Chandramukhi Parashar (Author's Mother-in-law)

"My dear daughter, Ashi's smile lights up the surroundings and she always has nice words for everyone. She has the vision to see the silver lining in the darkest clouds of life and emerge radiant through it all. Her hard work and perseverance will definitely help her in achieving her goals. A person like her deserves all the happiness in the world. Her parents indeed raised a wonderful child, and we are blessed to have her in the family. May the Almighty bless her with all that she desires and lots of love and joy. May she stay blessed and keep shining brightly."

Aditya Sharma (Founder - CEO, Sparrow Analytics)

Ashi Parashar is a name the evokes instantaneous admiration for the multiple hats that she keeps pulling out from her closet. This time around, she dons the hat of an author who's giving some very beautiful insights into relationship dynamics. Her powerful articulation and expressive demeanor comes to the fore in this book. I am sure that readers stand to benefit from her vast repertoire of life experiences and anecdotes, that is captured in the fictionalized accounts of people's life stories in this book.

Aradhika Sharma (Author' Sister-in-law, author, blogger & columnist)

Ashi is a master of reinvention. At various stages of her life, she's been a dancer-performer, singer, chef, life coach, teacher and a YouTuber. Her dextrous juxtapose of these roles with that of an Army officer's wife, a mother, daughter, and a daughter-in-law convinces me that her perspectives on marriage have got to be exciting!

Rishabh Parashar (Author's Son)

As a son, my parent's marriage has proven to be an example of how a person should live his life. It has taught me the power of forgiveness, patience, humility and how to manage and balance relations with the people in my life


This book “Marriage.. a blessing or a curse” is the true mirror of Indian society. It’s a must read book, writer has beautifully expressed the minutiae details of married life which we tend to ignore!!! We wish her all the success for this book and her future endeavors!!!

- Renu Chahar

Army Officer's wife

Ashi Parashar’s book is remarkable for its readability. It offers valuable insight into the dynamics of marriage. Young men and women who are planning to enter into a matrimonial alliance must read it beforehand in order to prepare themselves for this great adventure of life. Most of us embark on this journey without a clear frame of mind and make a mess of things. It would do us immense good if we could reflect in advance on marriage, its demands, its implications, and its impact on our lives. Ashi’s book is a great tool that may help one negotiate the sharp turns and twists of married life.

- Prof Pravin Kumar

Retd English Professor

Just put down the book and picked up the pen to pen my review! Ashi has perfected the art of storytelling with her very first venture. The short stories will be loved for their honesty and simplicity. The attention to detail, be it in the characters of the story or the setting, adds appeal to the narration. Anyone who says that stories about married life are predictable and a tad boring needs to rethink as each of Ashi’s stories takes the reader through a heartwarming journey which has a surprising measure of mystery too. Enjoyed reading each story.

- Mrs Sangita Chaudhri

Retd Senior English Faculty from Sanskriti School, Delhi

The author has captured the real issues and emotions which can make or break a relationship. Most of the times people tend to overlook certain things, treating them as trivial, but these trivial things can later grow to be decisive factors for a happy relationship. She has rightly surmised that clarity of thoughts about marriage, life partner which includes his family, one’s own family, career choices and other things which matter to an individual should be kept in mind while taking such a major decision about one’s life. Very well written and a must read for all as it can help people to think about their choices in life and perhaps improve their lives for the better.

- Neetu

This book is definitely an interesting read for married and unmarried folks alike. It’s a compilation of short stories based on small details which even though we might notice, we tend to overlook or presume that it will change with time but when it’s about a life long commitment it’s better to be cautious and safe than sorry. Each story leaves the reader with food for thought. I enjoyed reading it.

Sonali B


I’m reading this incredible, insightful book – “Marriage… A blessing or a curse?” written by Ashi Parashar. It covers 14 compelling stories covering every marriage aspect, such as why some marriages are successful while others end up in divorce. This book would be right for all married individuals, mothers, fathers, in-laws, sisters, and brothers.

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