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Ashi Parashar is a certified Life Coach who has over a period of 35 years transformed lives for good. With her intrinsic ability to comprehend human psyche as if she were holding the strings of thoughts and feelings is inexplicable. Mentored and nurtured by the most celebrated Peak Performance Coach known to the world, Mr. Arfeen Khan (known for transforming personal and professional lives of 500,000 people worldwide), Ashi has taken this particular discipline to yet another level.

Other than ensuring a better way of life for those who cross paths with hers, Ashi is a very widely celebrated choreographer, singer, composer, scriptwriter, actor, fitness trainer, a trained Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam Dancer and an author. One can effortlessly imagine Ashi’s passion for life and everything it envelopes through the way she depicts its dynamism in her creative works

Ashi possesses a very deep soul and an honest heart; the very reason why her connections with people around her and those who seek her for assistance with their haphazard lives are so profound and deeply rooted. She is not just a therapist or a preacher telling one the rights and wrongs to life, rather she is someone who can fittingly be regarded as a ‘close friend’ one would treasure having.

Over the years, Ashi has soothed tormented hearts; smoothened fracturing relationships and alliances, restructured derailed minds and has helped as the guiding star for those who were yet to find their calling in life or realize their worth. Her very balmy aura helps minds to open up and the lips to speak without having any need to make the effort; charisma that perhaps trails back to her roots, upbringing and the culturally rich background she comes from.

Hugely well-traveled, Ashi Parashar is energetic and bubbling with life and at the same time she is a calm human being who has acquired a great sense in the way she takes life, extremely matured in her dealings and gauges life with a high perspective and a broader vision. While she strives to bring stability in the lives of her pupils, she also ensures that they taste the colourful palette, which is life!

While she believes in the fact that one is never too old to learn something new, to add newness in their life, to straighten up life for themselves or to enjoy the flavours of life, she also proclaims that it is never too early to welcome a well disciplined way of life in the midst of all the frolic of youth. It is all about maintaining balance and growing by experience but not by age!

Ashi Parashar
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