It is found that workshops can communicate a whole body of knowledge in a matter of a few hours. Sometimes it is not possible for individuals to  attend regular classes spread over a long duration-plan to learn something new. Workshops come in handy in these situations. Ashi‘s workshops pertaining to performing arts and fitness are just apt for those who want to  have a short time indulgence for knowledge and pleasure.

Acting Workshop

Whether it is an aspirant looking for a career in acting or just anybody wanting to derive pleasure from emoting, Ashi’s Acting Workshop takes you on a journey of moods. Laughing, weeping, fighting, bullying, being shy or mischievous all in a matter of 2 hours, is like being part of a movie or play, but with no strings attached. For acting wannabes, this could be a deciding factor before joining a formal acting school. For the rest, who want to get the feel of acting, this is a good start. After all, it is not everyday that you get to play a beggar and a king in a short span of time.

Rhythm Divine

In our quest for God we go through various exercises like temple-trips, bhajan programs, rituals, chanting, meditations and what not. Some seem to work, some don’t. The love for God gets missed out somehow in our endeavor to please the God we fear.

Rhythm Divine Workshop seeks to prove that love is actually the all abiding factor. It is in love that we will find Him and our true self.

Music and dance have been used by various saints in the past to invoke Godly love. Meera, the “Prem Diwani”, Bulley Shah, the besotted divine dancer, have left us with no doubt that Rhythm Divine is yet another way of becoming one with Him.

Bollywood Dance

Ashi’s love for choreography made her learn the basics of many dance forms because she wanted to create her own visualization of Bollywood numbers. Adept in classical, folk, as well as western, Ashi has performed on innumerable songs and choreographed many. Creativity is her hallmark, and she sets a new mood to any song which touches her.

She can build ten different themes on the same song and keeps thirsting for newness. Rhythm Musical, embraces all dance forms, giving the choreography a versatility so typical of Ashi. The students are always left yearning for more and Ashi’s repertoire of choreographies never disappoints.

Rhythm Classical

It is time to fulfill your desire for tasting the flavour of classical, without being bound by the routine of regular classes. In order to touch everyone having a curiosity and respect for classical dance, the Rhythm Classical Workshop has been designed to make classical dance look cool and happening.

For parents trying to generate their kid’s interest in classical dances, teenagers trying to balance studies and hobbies, youngsters looking for exposure and guidance to pursue classical dance as a career, women of all age groups who want to try their hand in this art, for choreographers looking for basic training in this form; this workshop fits all aspirants. Get introduced to Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi in 2 hours and learn why classical dance takes such a long time to learn, and years of practice to master.

Rhythm Folk

Our country offers the most diverse culture, boasting of 29 states with different folklores, songs and dances. Indian Folk Dances are a wonder, a pleasure and a timeless treasure. Their vibrant moves, music, lyrics, costumes and colors depict the stories of the lands they come from. Imagine, if you are a Punjabi, but learn the language and culture of an Assamese through dance and music, how exciting that would be.

The easiest way to learn a language other than one’s own is to pick up songs and dances of that state to which the particular language belongs. It is a play-way-fun method to connect to the rest of India which seems so distant. For two hours of Rhythm Folk, sway to unheard beats and music unknown.

Rhythm Western

Western dance forms are very adaptive and not as pure as our Indian Classical dances. Lot of people find it difficult to shift from Classical to Western, as the two demand different body languages. One can smoothly switch over only if lot of practice goes into understanding the differences in body language and hand gestures. Rhythm Western opens a window to western dance forms and helps you grasp the basics.

Just like other dance forms, western dance also has its own storehouse of steps. If you don’t want to go into the intricacies of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Salsa, then Rhythm Western is just the workshop for you. It comprises of simple western dance steps taken from the basics of complex forms. Once you have undergone this workshop, it will be extremely easy for you to dance on western music.

Bollywood Salsa (Couple Dance)

The most common platforms where couples get a chance to dance with each other are weddings and parties. The most commonly used music in the background is a mixture of folk, western and bollywood facilitated by a DJ. The success rate of giving a riveting performance is highest for couples with a great sense of rhythm. The rest falter, and are not able to put their best foot forward. Understanding the talent and capability of your dance-partner and adapting accordingly is a challenge, taken care of in Bollywood Salsa (Couple Dance) Workshop. So whether you are a couple with good sense of rhythm or not, learn how to match steps with the DJ and do justice to your dance-partner.

Singing Workshop

Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni are like seven colors of the rainbow and its off-shoots have varied colors embedded in them. Being able to sing well and being able to perform well are two different ball games. To hold and captivate an audience is not easy and requires a set of skills, which one needs to cultivate. Keeping this aspect in mind, the Singing Workshop has been created to sharpen the performing skills of the singers. Unlike a dancer, who has music as well as dance moves to keep the audience engaged, a singer is only dependent on his/her voice and capability to merge it well with the instruments.

A trained voice definitely interests the listeners, but in this era of maximum visibility, the appearance, attitude and presentation also matters. And that is where Ashi’s Singing Workshop can come in handy.

The Stayfit Workshop

FAT TO FIT:- Ashi’s personal journey of weighing 75 kgs and slowly bringing it down to 55 kgs was an arduous one. The struggle taught her never to compromise on health. She believes that all human beings can be healthy, provided they look after their body and treat it like a temple. One could be blessed with any kind of physical features, but obesity definitely takes away the charm from a personality. Nobody takes fat people seriously and they either become butt of jokes or are pitied at. Just like one cap cannot fit every head, similarly one fitness schedule cannot suit everyone. Body-type, occupation, residency, culture, fitness-level, all come together to determine solutions to fitness problems. However, Ashi‘s personal fight with obesity and other health problems has taught her few things which fit everyone.

The Stay Fit Workshop gives out of box ideas to remain fit and always feel on top of the world. This workshop bursts myths, clears doubts and bring you a personalized program best suited for every student. It does not talk about shortcuts, but teaches you in a fun filled way as to how to cut the flab and enjoy doing so. Yoga, meditation and physical exercise can be combined to achieve balanced health. Personal gym trainer, Fitness Dancer, Yoga and Meditation practitioner, Ashi will share with you her fitness fundas. It takes very little to stay alive and kicking. Try it!

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