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Just like academic degrees from sought-after institutions, study of Classical music and dance adds a flair of utmost credibility to an artist. Classical dancers are a class apart. The respect and admiration which they enjoy are the sweet fruits of success which they very well deserve. It takes years of hardworking to master a Classical form of dance. Our Indian Classical dances are a complete fitness workout. The flexibility, grace, expressions, footwork and hand-gestures taught in various forms of Classical dancing cannot be matched by any Western dance form. There is a gesture and expression earmarked for every kind of communication through the language of dance.
In the picture you can see a Bharatnatyam dancer( that’s me), a Kathak and an Odissi dancer striking a pose. Sucheta in Kathak and Neha in Odissi kept the audience spellbound in our performance in an Army Ladies Club function in Patiala many years back. Choreographed by me on the occasion of Navratras,  the fusion of three Classical forms was a pleasure to create and a treat to watch. Resplendent in our respective costumes, we created magic on stage. 
I believe that a Classical singer, instrumentalist, or dancer can achieve great heights of spirituality by pursuing this art form with zeal. A performer, that too a Classical one in action is like divinity at play. So never underestimate the power of our ancient Indian dance forms. Learn them to go from ordinary to extraordinary. 


I am 56 yrs old performing artist/trainer, Author and Life-Skills Coach. I am a postgraduate in English and a B.Ed. I help people transform their mindset to realize their full potential, be it Performing Arts or Life-Skills.

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