HOW TO FEEL GOD (Rhythm Divine Series)

During my school days, I loved a song which was often sung in
the school assembly. It went like this:-

“God has created a new day,
Silver and green and gold.
Till the sunset finds you,
Worthy his gifts to hold.”

Much later in life I started to understand and admire the song
which we sang very matter-of-factly in school. To feel God, we
just need to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. Doesn’t it
feel like a loving caress of a father’s hand? Feel the cool breeze
of summer coursing through your hair. Doesn’t it feel like a
mother ruffling her child’s hair?
Look at the nature around you. Who could have painted the
leaves so green, the flowers so colourful, the feathers of a bird,
the wings of a butterfly, the ever-changing shades of the skies?
Has to be a magician at work. Because it is well beyond a
normal human to create such a colourful environment.
God is everywhere. We need to sharpen our senses to feel his
awe-inspiring creativity around us. We need to drag our eyes
away from watsap and look up at the blue sky. Shut our laptops
and see the tallness of the trees. Take off the earplugs and hear

the chirping of birds. Sleep on time to catch the sun rising
gloriously in the morning.
Then we will feel him pervading our being. Then we will be
happy and rejuvenated. Then we will fulfill our desire to be one
1with him.

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