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I remember Ojaswwee as a plump, cute, school boy who spoke little. Today I see him metamorphose into a lean, handsome, confident film maker. This journey of a plump boy to a celebrated director should be recognized and talk about. Hence this blog.

                Ojaswwee was academically bright from the beginning and passed his 12th standard in flying colours.  But the creative Ojaswwee was not celebrating his high percentage.  He was delighted to have finally purchased his first camera with his 5 years’ pocket money saving. He knew he was creative, but due to lack of clarity on his actual goal, he went on to do Computer engineering in Chitkara (Baddi). Actually he was itching to make a film but the college/family had academic expectations from him. An epitome of passion and grit, Ojaswwee excelled in college studies and also made short films side by side. “I Quit”, a film about ‘will power’ fetch him an official selection in prestigious film festivals.

                Who will know more about will power than Ojaswwee whose fight with the bulge was a long drawn out painful affair. After completing his integrated MBA, he refused lucrative job offers to follow his heart . Gained some experience as Assistant Director, equipped himself with some more cinematic knowledge.

                He started writing content for film portals, reviews and also studied film making online. “Kamley” was his first web comedy film which created quit a buzz. Enthused by the response he decided to go to Mumbai. He got a break as Associate Director for a mainstream serial on Sony and also directed a real estate film for a producer. Left Mumbai after two months because of monetary and personal issues. Felt utterly lonely and even made a short film “Loneliness” after a few years like a true artist who must create what he feels.

                Movie making is a costly and thankless affair and Ojaswwee realized he needed to save/earn money to realize his dreams. Bright as he was he got a job in Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited as a regional manager. His role involved establishing E-Learning centers in every district. He also enrolled in Mass Comm in Punjab University.

                Workaholic, hardworking Ojaswwee slogged for 2yrs. He did justice to his job, secured 1st division in Mass Comm, worked extra hours and directed close to 34 commercials. When he had the required bank balance he resigned and left for Mumbai again with 2 film scripts. He made innumerable contacts in Mumbai and got registered with film trade unions such as IFTDA, SWA and IMPAA. He made “Coffee Shorts”, a series of 12 stories, “Zubaan”, and many other films that have now received acclaim. Mumbai did not suit his sensibilities and he came back again to make more short films in his home town Chandigarh. “Body Building, the Indian Way”, “Delhi Wala Dost”, “Lucky Kabootar”, “JS Live” just flowed out of him. “Zubaan” won 14 laurels at various film festivals while “The Last Date” garnered 6 laurels.

 Ojaswwee is currently involved with producing and directing feature films. The first one to go on the floors will be docudrama on human rights. He will announce the film later this month.              

Ojaswwee is now a celebrity. The media vies for his interviews. The guys whom he was asked to emulate during his student days, now emulate him. Ojaswwee has no regret about leaving Mumbai. His mantra is,  ”The best place to succeed is where you are, what you are, whatever you have and what best you can with it.”

                I salute Ojaswwee’s spirit and hold it up in my blog as a shining example of “Follow your heart, follow your passion and success will follow you”.


I am 56 yrs old performing artist/trainer, Author and Life-Skills Coach. I am a postgraduate in English and a B.Ed. I help people transform their mindset to realize their full potential, be it Performing Arts or Life-Skills.

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