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It is a matter of pleasure for me to relate the story of Rubaani and Divyanshi. The former is my granddaughter and the latter is our driver’s daughter. I requested Rubaani to donate some toys so that Divyanshi could have access to some expensive playmates which her father cud’t afford.
I know that kids of financially secure parents have loads of toys and every now and then the collection keeps increasing because of birthdays, or other special occasions. But do we teach our kids the virtues of caring and sharing? I don’t know about others but the super dental surgeon/cosmetologist, Swati Takkar, who is like a daughter to me, has definitely brought up Rubaani with admirable ethos.
The little darling was excited to know that she could do something for a disadvantaged girl. She rummaged through her pile of toys with active help from her mother and handed me a bagful of beauties for Divyanshi. The glint in her eyes and her ear to ear smile told me that the magnanimous creature knew about ‘ joy of giving.’
I came back thoroughly impressed and gave one pretty looking doll to my driver. He let out a sigh of disbelief when I showed him how to operate the switch to make the doll dance. I quietly kept the other toys in my almirah mentally deciding to give away one toy every week. I requested my driver to send me a picture of his daughter with the doll so that I could forward it to Rubaani. I knew that my little sweetheart would squeal with delight. 


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